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High Risk OB – Including CHTN, DM, Multiples, IVF

A high-risk pregnancy is a pregnancy in which you or your baby are at an increased risk of a health problem. Our doctors are trained to provide care for high-risk obstetrical patients with conditions such as high blood pressure (hypertension) and diabetes. We also assist with the process of infertility treatment.  In addition, we provide care for mothers with multiple babies and also mothers with advanced maternal age.

Cerclage Placement

Cervical Cerclage is the placement of sutures in the cervix to keep it from opening. Premature opening of the cervix can result in preterm labor and delivery.

Delivery at Baptist Health Medical Center-Little Rock

Baptist Health Medical Center Little Rock is equipped to handle all of your perinatal needs. They have an in-house NICU and also provide high-risk obstetrical services. Their birthing suites promote family bonding, and you can deliver and recover in the same room as admission.


A VBAC means that you can have your baby vaginally after at least one caesarean section. Our providers perform vaginal birth after caesarean section (VBAC) on an individualized basis.

Natural Child Birth Options

The physicians of Cornerstone Clinic for Women offer multiple birth options for patients. Our goal is to support the mother’s birth preferences in regards to medical care, while ensuring the safety of the mother and baby. Often times, the mother prefers a more natural birth, without medications, and our physicians will be there to guide the birth process.

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